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How to Be a Peaceful School: Practical Ideas, Stories and Inspiration

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Peace is needed now more than ever in schools, by pupils and teachers alike. This inspiring guide provides primary, secondary and special schools with practical methods to improve pupil and teacher wellbeing, combat bullying, and promote peace both inside and outside the school gates.   
The founder of the Peaceful Schools Movement, Anna Lubelska, has brought together ideas and stories from teachers and charity workers to present a simple four step system for promoting positive peace in individuals, relationships, the school community and the world. It covers how to reduce stress, promote positive mental health, resolve conflict, nurture the potential of each individual, and encourage children to develop peacemaking skills and values. This holistic resource is equally beneficial for children and staff, and transforms school environments for the better.
Market: Head teachers, senior management, teachers and care staff at primary, secondary and special schools; charities and organisations working with schools.
Introduction - Anna Lubelska (Founder, Peaceful Schools Movement). 1. Peaceful Values - Sue Webb (former Head Teacher, primary school). 2. Developing Inner Peace - Pali Nahal (Head Teacher, primary school). 3. Peaceful PSHCE - David Holmes (former Head Teacher and Healthy Schools Advisor). 4. Peaceful Relationships in Primary Schools - Jackie Zammit (Trainer, Peacemakers). 5. Peaceful Relationships in Our Secondary School - Helen Floyd (School Chaplain, Oaklands Catholic School). 6. A Peaceful Classroom - Creating Space and Using Philosophy for Children - Christine Easom (Head of Religious Education, secondary school). 7. The Importance of School Grounds - Felicity Robinson (Teacher and Landscape Architect). 8. Peaceful Playtimes - Th+¬r+¿se Hoyle (Trainer, Positive Playtime and Lunchtime Training Programmes). 9. Our Peaceful School Community - Wendy Phillips (Learning Mentor, St Andrew's RC Primary). 10. Welcome to Our Peaceful Primary School - Laura Roberts (former Head Teacher, Woodheys Primary). 11. Our Peaceful Secondary School - Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Coventry. 12. Our Peaceful Special School - Moira Thompson (Head Teacher, Hawthorns Community School). 13. Peace Education for a Better World - Isabel Cartwright (Peace Education Programme Manager, Quakers in Britain). Concluding Thoughts - Anna Lubelska (Founder, Peaceful Schools Movement).
Wow! This book is a must read for all involved in the education and nurture of children in schools and at home. Peace has to be our priority, if we are to survive and flourish on this beautiful planet. Also peace is the cornerstone of good relationships and altruistic behaviour. The book is packed with inspirational ideas about how to create a peaceful school and to nurture peaceful citizens.
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