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Transgender Health: A Practitioner's Guide to Binary and Non-Binary Tran

s Patient Care
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The number of people coming out as transgender continues to rise, and this book shows healthcare and medical practitioners how to deliver excellent primary and secondary care to gender diverse patients. This guide provides accessible and practical advice on tailoring the social and ethical aspects of practice to the needs of each individual. Beyond setting out how clinical procedures should work for gender reassignment, it explains how to use language and pronouns in a respectful way, provides information on transgender services and resources, and offers insights into the challenges commonly faced by transgender people in both medical and social contexts. Based on cutting edge research and the lived experience of the author as a non-binary person, this is essential reading for all those working to meet the needs of transgender people in healthcare settings.
Acknowledgements. 1. Introducing Trans Terminology. 2. Fundamental Concepts: Sex, Gender, and Transgender History. 3. Administration, and Patient Interactions. 4. The Referral Process. 5. Care Separate from Transition. 6. Children and Adolescents. 7. Gender Affirmation: Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Non-Surgical Interventions. 8. Gender Affirmation: Surgeries. Concluding Remarks. References.
Dr Vincent's book, 'Transgender health', is comprehensive and thorough in its scope and detail; historically and philosophically well grounded, giving much food for thought, yet it is also direct and practical. Dr Vincent brings their characteristic scholastic integrity to this excellent book. On behalf of GIRES, Bernard and Terry Reed recommend it to professional as well as lay readers.
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