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Case Studies in Spiritual Care: Healthcare Chaplaincy Assessments, Inter

ventions and Outcomes
  • ISBN-13: 9781785927836
  • Edited by Steve Nolan, Edited by George Fitchett, Contributions by Paul Nash, Contributions by Andrew Todd
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  • Local release date: 13/09/2018
  • Format: Paperback (226.00mm X 151.00mm) 288 pages Weight: 402g
  • Categories: Christianity [HRC]
Table of
Revealing the richness and depth of understanding that chaplaincy brings to direct work with patients, these new in-depth case studies and critical responses from other chaplains and healthcare professionals give insight into key areas that are receiving increasing attention such working with veterans, children, and use of ritual.
Through a rich variety of case studies, this book provides insight into the patient's needs and the chaplain's perspective, as well as discussions of spiritual assessments and spiritual care interventions. Case studies such as a request to baptise a child complicated due to his admission for 'psychiatric reasons', as well as work with military veterans, such as a female transgender veteran who has been alienated from her faith, show the breadth and complexity of work that chaplains undertake daily.
Each section also includes critical responses to the case studies presented from a chaplain and related healthcare professional. This book will enable chaplains to critically reflect on the spiritual care they provide, and provide an informed perspective for healthcare professionals and others involved in chaplaincy services.
Introduction: Autoethnography as a Research Method for Chaplain Case Study. Steve Nolan. I: Chaplains' Care in Pediatrics. 1. 'That's great! You can tell us how you are feeling' - Mark, a recently severely physically disabled eleven-year-old boy with a brain tumour. Liz Bryson, Paul Nash and Sally Nash. 2. 'She's already done so much' - Sarah, diagnosed prenatally with trisomy 18, and her family. Patrick Jinks. 3. Critical Response to Paediatric Case Studies - A Paediatric Chaplain's Perspective. Hans Evers. 4. Critical Response to Paediatric Case Studies - A Paediatric Nurse's Perspective. Jennifer Baird. II: Chaplains' Care for Veterans. 5. 'He is disappointed I am not the son he wanted. I tried and tried to deny I am a girl' - Vicki, a male-to-female transgender veteran. Janet Hanson. 6. 'I was able to go to confession' - Mrs Helen, a survivor of military sexual trauma perpetrated by a religious leader. Valerie C. Sanders. 7. Critical Response to Veterans' Case Studies - A Chaplain's Perspective. Andrew Todd. 8. Critical Response to Veterans' Case Studies - A Psychologist's Perspective. Jason Nieuwsma. III: The Chaplain as Ritual Leader. 9. 'God's just too busy for us right now' - Paul, a ten-year-old white male transitioning from tertiary medical centre to paediatric inpatient psychiatric hospital. Jessica Bratt Carle. 10. Connecting family members through ritual - Jakob, Hulda and their family in palliative care. Gu+¦laug Helga +üsgeirsdóttir. 11. 'I do want to get this funeral planned' - Daisy, a former colleague in hospice care. Patricia Roberts. 12. 'For myself and for Your people with whom I pray' - Mrs Pearlman, an 82-year-old woman with a terminal diagnosis of advanced Alzheimer's disease. Amy Goodman and Joel Baron. 13. Critical Response to Use of Ritual Case Studies - A Pastoral Theologian's Perspective. Herbert Anderson. 14. Critical Response to Use of Ritual Case Studies - A Chaplain's Perspective. Mark Cobb. IV:The Chaplain as Self-Reflexive Practitioner. 15. 'I'd like you to get to know about me' - Kristof, a 50-year-old atheist academic admitted to hospice for palliative symptom control. Steve Nolan. 16. Critical Response to Chaplain's Self-Reflexive Case Study - A Chaplain's Perspective. Cheryl Holmes. 17. Critical Response to Chaplain's Self-Reflexive Case Study - A Psychoanalyst's Perspective. Linda Emanuel. Afterword: Case Studies and Chaplaincy Research. George Fitchett. Contributors.
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