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Individualized Music Therapy Assessment Profile: IMTAP

  • ISBN-13: 9781785929892
  • Author: Peters, Kasi and Roberts, Penny and Nelson, Judy
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  • Local release date: 31/12/9999
  • Format: Paperback 192 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: Creative therapy (eg art, music, drama) [MQTC]
Table of
The Individualized Music Therapy Assessment Profile (IMTAP) is an in-depth assessment protocol developed by a team of six experienced music therapists. Designed for use in pediatric and adolescent settings, it provides a clear profile of each client over time. The accompanying online downloadable material allows the therapist to store client details, and to create charts showing progress and areas to work on.
The book includes sample assessment sessions and examples of activities and interventions. The IMTAP may be used on a variety of levels:
* as a treatment plan for music therapy work
* as a tool to develop goals and objectives
* as a means to address and assess targeted skill sets
* as an indicator of overall functioning to provide a baseline for treatment
* as a research method
* as a communication tool for parents and healthcare professionals.
The IMTAP is simple to use and yields detailed information on client abilities and functioning from intake through treatment planning. It identifies effective strategies for each client, making it an essential tool for students and professionals in the field of music therapy.
The downloadable resources that form part of this book include the IMTAP software, used for client management, data collection, and assessment scoring. As this software was originally created in 2007, it is no longer supported on Mac OSX, and it is not guaranteed to work reliably on Windows.
Foreword by Ronald M. Borczon. 1. Overview of The IMTAP. 2. Rationale for the Use of Music Therapy as an Assessment Protocol. 3. History and Development of The IMTAP. 4. Administration Instructions. 5. The IMTAP Quantification Module. 6. Skill Definitions. i. Gross Motor. ii. Fine Motor. iii. Oral Motor. iv. Sensory. v. Receptive Communication/Auditory Perception. vi. Expressive Communication. vii. Cognitive. viii. Emotional. ix. Social. x. Musicality. 7. Case Studies. 8. The IMTAP Software and online content. Appendix A: IMTAP Forms. Appendix B: Music Reading Samples. Index.
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