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Max & Xam

Max and Xam are the very best of friends - until they fall out over who is more popular! Determined to prove the other wrong, their exploits bring new meaning to the phrase ‘making friends’. A hilarious and delightfully far-fetched story about the meaning and value of real friendship.
Ariane has loved making up stories since she was little. She also loved illustrating them, preferably with markers on the wall. Now all grown-up, she lives her dream by illustrating and writing picture books for children big and small. The walls are definitely thankful for that! To achieve her dream she has completed some very useful degrees. One was a BSc in Psychology and the other (and way more fun) was an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University. Ariane now lives with her three children, two cats and one husband in South London, where she comes up with new stories and occasionally paints on a wall.
This picture book can be used to discuss conflict resolution with children. 'Max and Xam' shows children that even best friends fall out sometimes and that friendships can be fixed through thoughtful gestures. Max and Xam are expressive characters; encourage young readers to decode their expressions and body language to gain an understanding of how they're feeling on each page.

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