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Milo and Monty


Milo and Monty are very different dogs. Monty enjoys hugs and noisy playtimes, but Milo prefers to avoid people and hide in a cosy, quiet space. One day, during a family reunion, Milo finds cousin Henry is hiding in his special space. Like Milo, Henry finds hugs uncomfortable, dislikes loud noises, and has a favourite toy that he takes everywhere. A heartwarming story about family and the small changes we can make to accommodate the needs of others.

Roxana is an illustrator with a passion for drawing people and dogs. After years of moving between the States and the UK, she settled in Cambridge, where she immediately fell in love with the city’s historic buildings, green spaces, and interesting inhabitants (furry or otherwise). In 2016, Roxana graduated with an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University. It is only natural that her first book, Milo and Monty, would be about dogs. When not drawing she enjoys long walks in the countryside, working in an independent coffee shop, and standing at the front of gigs while singing along with all the wrong words.

* A great way to start a conversation about autism. This book shows some of the small changes we can make to create a comfortable environment for autistic people.
* The book can encourage empathy; the family reflects on what Milo enjoys, then they discuss what they can do to make him feel happy and relaxed.
* The book contains the message that people and animals can show affection in different ways and that emotional intelligence and empathy strengthen our connections to each other.

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