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Astrid and the Sky Calf


When a sky calf visits the Hospital for Magical Beasts out of the blue, Dr Astrid tries to diagnose the newcomer and apply her usual treatments. But the sky calf doesn’t respond and it isn’t clear what is wrong. When sky calf improves just by sitting in a calm environment, surrounded by friends, Astrid learns that there is more than one way to help someone to heal.  A sensitive story about how empathy and compassion can help make a real difference.

Rosie Faragher lives in Edinburgh. She was born in Berwick-upon-Tweed and spent her childhood in France and Luxembourg. After studying English Literature and Art History at the University of York she moved to Bristol where learned new creative skills, ran art workshops for children and got involved in publishing independent comics. It didnt take long for her to find her way back to drawing and she graduated with a Masters in Childrens Book Illustration from Cambridge School of Art.

* Teaches creative problem-solving by showing children that there is more than one way to make someone feel better.
* Astrid and the Sky Calf shows readers the importance of empathy and introduces children to the subject of mental health and invisible illnesses.
* Art therapy is subtly included: characters draw and play music together.

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