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You Be You!: The Kid's Guide to Gender, Sexuality, and Family

This is an illustrated children's book for ages 7-11 that makes gender identity, sexual orientation and family diversity easy to explain to children.
Throughout the book kids learn that there are many kinds of people in the world and that diversity is something to be celebrated. It covers gender, romantic orientation, discrimination, intersectionality, privilege, and how to stand up for what's right. With charming illustrations, clear explanations, and short sections that can be dipped in and out of, this book helps children think about how to create a kinder, more tolerant world.
'You Be You! is a much needed honest, inclusive and respectful guide that should beread by all kids and adults alike! The author's comprehensive approach includingdiscussions about discrimination, intersectionality and privilege make this book anexceptional and timely resource.' - Kimberly Zieselman, JD, Executive Director,interAC T: Advocates for Intersex Youth'You Be You! offers kids and adults a colorful easy to read and engaging guide aboutgender, sexuality and the many normal and healthy ways to be a family. Like a verbalpower bar, readers enjoy simple bite size explanations for complex ideas. Every pageabounds with messages about the value and ordinariness of diversity among us - ""Youare great! Perfectly okay! Totally fine!"" - offering children mirrors and windows tounderstand their own and others' bodies and the importance of respecting eachindividual's authentic identity.' - Julie Nicholson, Ph.D. Adjunct, Associate Professor ofPractice, Mills C ollege
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