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The Pocket Guide to Mouth and Dental Hygiene in Dementia Care: Guidance

for Maintaining Good Oral Health
The dental needs of people living with dementia are often overlooked, particularly in the care home and hospital community. It is challenging to maintain good standards of oral care with people living with dementia, and poor care can increase the fear and anxiety levels of those living with dementia. Very few dentists have the training that equips them with the specialist knowledge necessary to work with this population. This pocket guide sets out tailored advice for supporting the oral and dental needs of people living with dementia. It sets out straightforward models on providing effective preventative mouth care, spotting symptoms and what to do when problems occur. This concise handbook will help any dentists, care home staff, nurses and other health professionals working day to day with people with dementia.
Dr Daniel James Nightingale has worked as a clinical dementia specialist for over 20 years and is CEO and Medical Director at RBHC. He also established the Nightingale Model of Enriched Care. Dan lives in Maricopa County, Arizona.
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