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Innovative Approaches to Chronic Pain

Understanding the Experience of Pain and Suffering and the Role of Heali
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This book sets out to restore the concept of healing to its place within and beyond pain medicine, in chapters authored by keynote speakers to the British Pain Society's Philosophy and Ethics Special Interest Group. Exploring psychological, spiritual and creative approaches, contributors reflect on therapeutic avenues ranging from the deliberate use of the placebo response and the importance of a caring relationship between patient and practitioner, to the use of knitting as a therapeutic tool. Barriers to the flow of healing such as practitioners' careless use of language and cultural attitudes are identified and contrasted with the need to understand the first-person perspectives of people who are suffering. This book will provide hope and inspiration to those who have become disillusioned with conventional medical approaches to the relief of pain.
Introduction 1. Pain and Placebo; Suffering, Caring and Healing. Paul Dieppe 2 Healing from within - the use of hypnotic techniques in chronic pain management Ann Williamson 3. Suffering As A Guiding Call Towards Transformative Change David Reilly 4. "Guerir quelquefois, Soulager souvent, Consoler toujours" Raanan Gillon 5. Pain, breathlessness and disability: a phenomenological analysis Havi Carel 6. "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you": the problem of pain Tom Shakespeare 7. Pain Signals and other bad language Betsan Corkhill 8 Healing the pain of a wounded soul Jeremy Swayne 9. Suffering and the world's religions: the search for meaning in pain Peter Wemyss-Gorman 10. Ethnic and Cultural Effects on Pain Assessment and Management Jonathan Koffman 12. Why the opioid epidemic? John Loeser 13 . Therapeutic Knitting to Facilitate Change Betsan Corkhill 14. The real experience of pain - first-hand accounts Bryan Vernon
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