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My Dad Thinks I'm a Boy?!: A Trans Positive Children's Book

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Stephie is 7 years old. She likes bugs, books and spaghetti. Also, shes a girl...which should be pretty easy to understand, right? Well, not for her Dad! Hes been mistaking her for a boy since she was born and struggles to see her for who she is.
This powerful and uplifting childrens book for primary age children and their families humorously portrays a situation that is often too common, where a trans child is forced to negotiate between their true self and their parents love.
With amusing illustrations, and a useful guide for adults, its the perfect book to help show children that no one else than ourselves gets to decide who we are.

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A powerful, authentic and engaging story that shifts our understanding of trans kids to a new and a more real level. This book is a breath of fresh air, that allows the reader to get to know trans people from their own perspective. Often our stories are told from people from the outside looking in, but Sophie cleverly manages to shift that focus to the trans person and their experiences, which gives the story more authenticity, realness and power.

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