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A Namaste Care Activity Book

Sensory Stories and Activities for People Living with Advanced Dementia
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"I open the garden gate, which creaks on old, worn hinges. The rose garden is peaceful but not silent. Bird song and the buzz of bees provide natures' melody. Somewhere in the distance, gentle music is playing and it relaxes me." Namaste Care engages people with advanced dementia through sensory input, comfort and pleasure and combines compassionate care with music, therapeutic touch, colour, food treats and scents. With ready-to-use structured sensory stories that can be easily applied in caring for people with advanced dementia, A Namaste Care Activity Book helps you to connect with people with advanced dementia through storytelling and sensory stimuli such as soundscapes, smells, tastes, tactile opportunities and visual cues. Early chapters give a foundational overview of the approach, exploring the effects of sensory stimulation in improving quality of life. With contributions and discussion from professionals across the field, chapters explore each of the senses separately, including aromatherapy, food and memory, and therapeutic use of lighting. In addition to guides for Namaste Care sessions, the book provides a starting point for writing your own stories tailored to the person for who you are caring Inspiring creativity and confidence in delivering Namaste Care, the activities provides valuable guidance in caring for and improving the lives of people with advanced dementia.
Nicola Kendall is a qualified psychotherapist, complementary therapist and mindfulness teacher, as well as the Namaste Lead at St Cuthbert's Hospice, Durham. She is responsible for setting up a community project involving trained volunteers delivering Namaste Care to people living with advanced dementia at home.
Foreword by Rishi Jawahar- Director of Namaste Care International 1.Introduction SECTION 1-Inspiring creativity in Namaste Care 2.Namaste Care 3.Sensory Stimulation 4.Sensory Storytelling 5.Cultural Diversity and the Namaste Care Approach- Colette O'Driscoll, St Joseph's Hospice and Lourdes Colclough, Marie Curie 6.The Art of Dying SECTION 2- Supporting sensory approaches 7.Safe use of essential oils- Andrea Lambell, PHD student, Durham University 8.Therapeutic use of light- the Enlighten Project- Paul Chazot, Durham University 9.A trip down memory lane through taste- Michele Kinleysides, Beamish Museum 10.Connecting through touch- Susannah Thwaites, Occupational Therapist 11.The universal joy of music- Richard Langdon, Namaste Care Volunteer 12.Encouraging movement and exercise activities as dementia progresses- Magda Pasak, Physiotherapist, St Cuthbert's Hospice, Durham SECTION 3- Sensory Stories and Activities Conclusion Recommended suppliers Bibliography
For using Namaste Care to support and enhance the lives of those living with advanced dementia
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