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The Best of Assigned Male


Follow young trans girl, Stephie, and her group of queer friends as they navigate school, family and relationships, and experiences of being trans. Humorous and acerbic, this ground-breaking graphic narrative brilliantly explores the journey of discovering and embracing your evolving gender identity, and promotes a sense of community and empowerment through artfully illustrated stories. Based on the hugely successful and influential webcomic Assigned Male, and in print for the first time, this expanded collection contains exclusive content as well as familiar, well-loved characters.

Sophie Labelle is an internationally recognised trans cartoonist and public speaker from Montreal, Canada. She is the creator of the popular webcomic Assigned Male, which has been running since 2014 and touched millions of readers. She lives in Finland.

Internationally-acclaimed cartoonist Sophie Labelle offers a witty insight into the realities of being trans

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