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Diversity Matters

The Color, Shape, and Tone of Twenty-First-Century Diversity
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Social justice rhetoric is prevalent in contemporary America, but are we as a nation ready to do the work to effect real change? Emily Allen Williams has gathered a group of essays that interrogate matters of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access. In doing so, the essays contribute to what Williams call "tilling the ground," i.e. a process by which the nation is prepared for the changes that must follow the rhetoric through the work of diversity and inclusion in a variety of social arenas. With subject matters ranging from the Black Lives Matter movement and children's literature to the contemporary workplace and university, the collected essays present and analyze progress that is already being made and outline ways for our society to continue to move this process forward until the rhetoric of social justice manifests in actual conditions of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access throughout the nation.
Emily Allen Williams is Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh.
Introduction: Finding Our Way Together: Discussions on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Emily Allen Williams, Editor Part 1: Interrogations of Blackness, Whiteness, Racism, and Beyond: Historical and 21st Century Considerations Chapter One: Black Lives Matter: Dismantling Racism and Rewriting History in the Confederate Monuments Nancy Wellington Bookhart Chapter Two: The Black Lives Matter Movement and Anglophone African Caribbean Impact: Transposition of the Caribbean Experience in the Complexities of the African American Context Sharon Albert Honore Chapter Three: The New Back to Africa Movement: The Black Diaspora Seeking Opportunity and Refuge in the Motherland Karl Ellis Johnson Part 2: Excluded or Included? African American, Non-Conformist, and Transgender Chapter Four: (Re)Defining Hi-stories: Conducting and Preserving Oral Histories in Africana Studies Catherine L. Adams Chapter Five: Did You Bring Me Here to Be Like You? Philosophizing About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Anthony Sean Neal Chapter Six: Missing the Whole Picture: A Content Analysis of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Characters in Children's Literature Eden-Renee Hayes and Saisha Manan Chapter Seven: Organizational Culture: Pivoting on DEI Willette Neal Chapter Eight: Approaching Diversity, Equity, and Race Work in 21st Century America Gwendolyn VanSant Part 3: Challenging 21st Century Notions of Diversity on College and University Campuses Chapter Nine: Black Lives Matter on Campus: Choreographing Protest Peter A. Campbell Chapter Ten: Black Maleness at a Public Regional University Mark Wagner and Katherine L. Cleary Chapter Eleven: Meta-Reflections: Teaching Black Psychology at a Predominately White Undergraduate Institution Sandra Virginia Gonsalves-Domond Chapter Twelve: The Case for Inclusive Instructional Design Samantha Calamari Index About the Contributors
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