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European and Domestic Change

Environmental Policy of the Czech Republic
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Reflecting the concerns over environmental sustainability, there has been an increasing focus on the protection of our water resources and on the proper management of our waste. Our economic growth can only be sustainable when it does not represent a threat to human health and to fauna, flora, and eco-system in the long-term. A long-term resilience, new business and economic opportunities, and environmental sustainability can be achieved through circular economy model that offers us a world of opportunity to rethink and redesign our economic activities and consumption patterns. With an aim to give the reader a new perspective on this issue, this book covers European Union's water and waste management legislation and the Czech Republic's transposition of this legislation, and includes a comparative analysis of the performances of the EU Member States on the implementation of new water and waste management policy strategies.
List of Figures List of Tables Foreword Acknowledgments Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Institutional Structure in Environment Chapter Three: Water Management Chapter Four: Waste Management Chapter Five: Conclusion Bibliography About The Author
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