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Complete Guide to Running

  • ISBN-13: 9781841261621
  • Publisher: MEYER AND MEYER
    Imprint: MEYER AND MEYER
  • By Earl Fee
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  • Local release date: 18/01/2011
  • Format: Paperback (210.00mm X 146.00mm) 440 pages Weight: 920g
  • Categories: Track & field sports, athletics [WSK]
In "The Complete Guide to Running", the secrets of Earl Fee, a world master's champion, are revealed that helped him achieve over 30 world records in running. This material is supported by hundreds of references. Fifteen chapters explain how to improve general physical and mental fitness with major emphasis on mental training, nutrition, physiology, inspiration, and motivation. Ten chapters reveal the how and why of running training for sprinting, middle and long distance, hurdles, and running in the pool. Athletes from 9 to 90 will benefit from this information since all are bound by the same training principles. Precautions and training are explained for the extreme young and old.
Earl Fee started training for the 400 meters and middle distance running events in 1986, after a 33 year absence from running since University. In the past 16 years he has broken over 30 world records (28 existing) in the following events: 300 and 400 meter hurdles, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters and mile. Now at age 75 in 2004 this consistent training and a healthy life style has contributed to a maximum heart rate of over 190, a resting heart rate of 45, body weight 70kg, and a body fat of about 5 percent.
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