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Ladybird's Remarkable Relaxation: How Children (and Frogs, Dogs, Flaming

os and Dragons) Can Use Yoga Relaxation to Help Deal with Stress, Grief, Bullying and Lack of Confidence
  • ISBN-13: 9781848191464
  • Author: Chissick, Michael and Peacock, Sarah
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  • Local release date: 14/11/2013
  • Format: Hardback (287.00mm X 224.00mm) 48 pages Weight: 448g
  • Categories: Self-help & personal development [VS]
Table of
Frog, Dog, Flamingo and Dragon are all very upset - Frog has too many chores to do, Dog has writer's block, Flamingo is being bullied at school and Dragon's granddad has just died. Ladybird listens to their worries and comes up with a plan that will help them all - let's learn Ladybird's Remarkable Relaxation! This beautiful picture book teaches an effective yoga relaxation technique that can be used anywhere and anytime to deal with a problem. Little Ladybird flutters from big toe to knee to thumb and onwards around the body, showing children how to focus their attention and calm their thoughts. Whether they feel stressed like Frog, or lack confidence like Dog, children will relate to the cast of delightful characters and learn that they too can use relaxation to cope with anxiety, bullying, or grief, and face their worries. This book will be an excellent resource for teachers and teaching assistants in both mainstream and special needs schools, yoga instructors, and parents looking for a fun and engaging story to teach their children about coping with difficult emotions.
Dedication. Guidance for Teachers and Parents. Ladybird's Remarkable Relaxation. Ladybird Relaxation Script for Teachers and Parents. About the authors.
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