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Public Housing Works

Karakusevic Carson Architects
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In response to a severe housing shortages and high prices making homes unaffordable to many, architects are once again re-engaging with the public housing sector. Today local authorities are taking back control, and with residents, prioritising high quality design to deliver some of the best new homes in the UK. Public Housing Works presents a monograph about the projects and processes behind one of the UK's leading public housing practices, Karakusevic Carson Architects. Featuring the practice's major built projects and those in development, Public Housing Works captures a moment in housing history. It tells the story of an incredible period of change across a 20 year period, weaving together the major shifts in design, place making and policy that has shaped public-led architecture. Not only does Public Housing Works reveal the people and process of the studio known for working closely with council residents and charts its culture of housing innovation, learning and speculates where it may head in the next decade. The book analyses 16 projects of varying sizes and scope, following their design and construction from neighbourhood scale to urban block to street and individual buildings and homes. Each section of the book includes dedicated essays on the specific scale featured. Each of the projects can be followed clearly as they are analysed in the scale sections. The book also includes historical timeline of public housing, London public housing project location map and a reading list.
Karakusevic Carson are award-winning specialists at the forefront pf a new era public housing design and major public projects across London and the UK
Foreword. Introduction. Neighbourhood. Living Townscape. Urban Block. Collaborative Urbanism. Street. A Living Courtyard. Connected Cores. Fluid Relationships. Home. Futures. Timelines. Reading list.
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