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Violence in Children and Adolescents

  • ISBN-13: 9781853023446
  • Edited by Ved P Varma
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  • Local release date: 13/09/1996
  • Format: Paperback (232.00mm X 153.00mm) 224 pages Weight: 336g
  • Categories: Psychiatry [MMH]
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'Violence in Children and Adolescents' is an exploration of violence both by and against children, its causes and approaches to its amelioration. It is invaluable reading for anyone who works with young people. The contributors comprise an authoritative range of both practitioners and academics, including forensic psychiatrists and forensic psychologists, psychotherapists and criminologists. Together they examine topics such as children who kill; violent young offenders; immigrant children who have been the victims of war; the influence of television; the relationship to the family; and racial and sexual violence.Violence in society is increasingly prevalent and of great concern to anyone working with children and teenagers. 'Violence in Children and Adolescents' offers a broad scope of interpretations and insight which is essential reading for professionals and students alike.
The emotional impact of violence on children, Sheila Melzak; Are children who murder evil? Francis Dale; The backgrounds of violent young offenders - the present picture, Gwyneth Boswell; Psychiatric assessment of the violent child and adolescent towards understanding and safe intervention, Susan Bailey; Psychological assessment and monitoring of violent children and adolescents, Kevin J. Epps; Psycho-social approaches to the understanding and reduction of violence in young people, James McGuire; Roots of sexual violence in children and adolescents, Colin Hawkes et al; Violence in adolescence, Arthur Hyatt Williams; A violent child and his family, Richard Sparks; Racial violence and young people, Soni Bhate, Surya Bathe; Television and the well-being of children and young people, Richard Sparks; Risk and danger in young people's leisure, Ken Roberts; Groupwork with violent children and adolescents, Kedar Nath Dwivedi; The police relationship with violent children and adolescents, Nigel Fielding.
`This book deals with a topical subject in a sympathetic manner. All the contributors are experienced professionals who are authorities in their own field and their understanding of the behaviour of often very sad young people emerges to make a readable volume which is helpful to students, practitioners and researchers alike. Anyone who is concerned about young people should find something to assist them in working with their behaviours in any one of the chapters. Students will find research data for a variety of essay topics.'
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