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Students' Mental Health Needs: Problems and Responses

  • ISBN-13: 9781853029837
  • Author: Manthorpe, Jill and Stanley, Nicky and Wade, Jim
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  • Local release date: 16/03/2002
  • Format: Paperback 272 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: Counselling & advice services [JKSN2]
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Student life is a time of change and adjustment, and staff as well as students' families need resources to help them provide support for students experiencing mental health difficulties. Based on recent research findings and drawing on the experiences of professionals, academics and service users, this book explores how the needs of students can best be met by student and community mental health services. The contributors examine how campus-based agencies can work with the voluntary sector, community practitioners and students' families to provide effective support for students with mental health problems. They place their discussion in the context of structural and economic changes in further and higher education and society and discuss the impact on students' mental health of factors such as family relationships, debt and financial difficulties as well as drug and alcohol abuse. Including chapters on responding to student suicide and on faith and spirituality in relation to mental health, this is a valuable resource for the families of students experiencing mental health problems and all those working in the field of student welfare.
1. Introduction: Constructing the Framework, Jill Manthorpe and Nicky Stanley, University of Hull. Part I: The Experiences of Students and their Families. 2. Breakdown, David Brandon and Jo Payne. 3. Students Perspectives, James Wade, National Schizophrenia Fellowship Young People's Project. 4. When Our Children Kill Themselves: Parental Perspectives following Suicide, Margaret Harvey, Papyrus. Part II: Exploring the Problems. 5. Identifying Students' Concerns: A Whole Institutional Approach, Annie Grant, Director, Educational Development Support Centre, University of Leicester. 6. Degrees of Debt, Ron Roberts and Christiane Zelenyanszki. 7. Identifying Students' Mental Health Problems in Primary Care Settings, Lionel Jacobson, University of Wales College of Medicine. 8. The University and the Wider Community, Colin Lago, Director, Student Counselling Service, University of Sheffield. Part III: Identifying Effective Responses. 9. A Model for Supportive Services in Higher Education, Babara Rickinson and Jean Turner. 10. A Model of Supportive Services in Further Education, Kathryn James, Clarendon City College, New College, Nottingham. 11. Using Structured Self-Help Materials, Graeme Whitfield and Chris Williams, Consultant Psychiatrists, University of Leeds. 12.Faith and Spirituality in Students' Mental Health, Angela Bailey, Mental Health Chaplain, Hull and East Yorkshire Community NHS Trust. 13. Responding to Student Suicide, Nicky Stanley and Jill Manthorpe, University of Hull. References. Index.
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