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A is for Atlas

The map collections at Royal Museums Greenwich comprise about 40,000 maps, charts, globes and atlases, covering a time period from the thirteenth century to the present day. Curator of Cartography Megan Barford explores the variety of stories which are hidden within the collection, involving the materials, techniques, makers, users, genres and features, to understand more about the different worlds in which maps were produced and consumed. From imperial rule to labour solidarity, and from sumptuous display to scrap paper, A is for Atlas presents the Royal Museums Greenwich map collections as it's never been seen before.
Dr Megan Barford is Curator of Cartography at Royal Museums Greenwich. Her research has focused on nineteenth-century British Admiralty charts, charting and navigation, and twentieth-century map collecting. In 2017 she received an Art Fund New Collecting Award to build a collection of contemporary cartography concerned with forced migration. She loves talking with people about maps and different ways of reading them. Despite her extensive navigational knowledge, she has never navigated a ship or boat!
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