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Social Ecology

Applying Ecological Understanding to Our Lives and Our Planet
  • ISBN-13: 9781907359118
  • Publisher: HAWTHORN PRESS
  • Author: Wright, David and Camden-Pratt, Catherine E.
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  • Local release date: 14/07/2011
  • Format: Paperback (234.00mm X 156.00mm) 336 pages Weight: 456g
  • Categories: The environment [RN]
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Social Ecology addresses the burning question of how to apply ecological understanding to every aspect of our lives. It provides a holistic framework for change, based on the interrelationships between the personal, social, environmental and 'spiritual'. It helps us to understand how we got here, and how to realise more sustainable futures, caring futures. Students from all disciplines can use this valuable resource to help enrich their learning with social ecology insights and principles.The 27 contributors, all of whom have directly or indirectly contributed to the teaching of social ecology in Australia and beyond, share their experiences in this ‘coming of age' anthology of keynote articles. These are of particular relevance to educators and learners.Included also are inspiring stories of activists and community educators applying the wisdom of social ecology at the leading edge of change.
Contents: Social ecology is mapped as an emerging field. Articles about place, story, nature, education and community illustrate ways to apply our understandings from social ecology, systems theory, transformative learning, holistic education, and empathic intelligence, sense of place, shamanic practices, poetic inquiry, archetypal theory, deep ecology, aesthetics, creativity, curriculum design, drama education, cross-cultural learning and indigenous knowing. Includes activists' and educators' stories of applying social ecology in communities.
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