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For more than three decades, Suzanne Loggere has been a prominent and respected interior designer and importer of fabric, furniture, and home accessories. She has guided numerous international interior design projects to beautiful and successful conclusions. But she is so much more than that: her sparkling and energetic character is complemented by her balanced sense of taste and intense passion for colour. Her renowned style has been captured in this book, full of inspirational images, ready to entice a new generation of interior designers. Suzanne was classically trained at the Centre d'Etudes Classiques in Geneva and has extensive work experience in Paris.
Suzanne Loggere spent more than 20 years creating the Mulberry Home Collection and was the inspiration advisor for Jill Evans and Roger Saul from 1993 until 2003 curating all new collections. Subsequently Mulberry Home invited her to advise on their new Mulberry Store in France. She has worked closely with the Stein Group for which she designed several hotels in Mallorca and Socchi, and she advised on the interior design for the Cadogan Hotel in London.
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