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Wager Disaster

Mayhem, Murder and Mutiny in the South Seas
  • ISBN-13: 9781910065501
  • Publisher: UNICORN PRESS
    Imprint: UNICORN PRESS
  • Author: Layman, C. H.
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  • Local release date: 24/03/2015
  • Format: Paperback (235.00mm X 155.00mm) 256 pages Weight: 900g
  • Categories: Maritime history [HBTM]
Table of
Shipwreck was followed by murder, starvation, mutiny, and the fearful ordeal of 36 survivors out of about 140 men. Some were enslaved, some defected; many drowned. The captain shot one of his officers. There was an epic openboat voyage of 3000 miles through the world's most hostile seas, probably the greatest castaway voyage in the annals of the sea, and the least known. Midshipman Byron, the grandfather of the poet, was prominent among the survivors. The story is placed in its historical context, using eyewitness accounts where possible, with much previously unpublished material. It finishes with the finding of the wreck by a British expedition in 2006. Contains Previously unpublished colour charts from the 18th century and new unpublished content Exclusive account of the discovery of the wreckage in 2006.
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