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Writing on the Wall

101 Iconic Blue Plaques Commemorating Britain's History

A blue plaque is a recognised symbol of our national heritage; a living footprint of our history with each one serving as a permanent reminder of an important contribution to the history of the country. The blue plaques commemorate notable, influential and successful people from all walks of life. They are erected in the present to celebrate our past and inspire our future. This book contains 100 blue plaques, and the stories and people behind them, from across the United Kingdom, each linking, through a common denominator, to the next. From David Bowie to William Shakespeare we run the gamut of plaques remembering kings, actors, singers, explorers, footballers, cricketers, writers, inventors, scientists, politicians, musicians, reformers, broadcasters, songwriters, comedians, pioneers, artists, the military, athletes, dancers, activists, poets and education. From Lennon and McCartney to the victims of Jack the Ripper this is an eclectic representation of British life, through our blue plaques, from the 1500s to 2017.

Written by well know BBC DJ Mike Read The author is Chairman of the British Plaque Trust, the body set up to revive the Blue Plaque scheme Published to coincide with the unveiling of the BBCs plaque to Buddy Holly Major UK publicity and marketing campaign

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