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    Iron Maiden Book of Souls

    • ISBN-13: 9781912332250
    • Publisher: DANNAN BOOKS
      Imprint: DANNAN BOOKS
    • Price: AUD 39.99
    • Stock: 0 in stock
    • Availability: Book will be despatched upon release.
    • Local release date: 21/05/2019
    • Format: Hardback Weight: 0g

    Iron Maiden is the ultimate book to cover every possible aspect of the
    band’s amazing 40-year career. Iron Maiden Book of Souls is the celebration
    of the band, providing their story in beautiful illustrations including posters,
    and rare photos of the band’s most high-profile gigs throughout their career.
    Fans can now get closer to the band than has ever been possible before.
    Written by the critically acclaimed journalist Alison James - and features superb
    imagery of the band, as well as exclusive photographs of Maiden memorabilia.
    In total Iron Maiden Book of Souls containsaround 100 colour, and black and white,
    photographs of the band and posters and tickets of their greatest concerts.

    Alison James is a History Graduate and Showbiz Journalist who
    writes about royals and celebrities for the Daily Mail, the Daily Express
    and Yours magazine in the UK. She has written several best selling
    rock music books

    • Experience the legendary heavy metal band with this fully illustrated
    book covering key details on all of the members of the band.
    • One of the stalwarts of modern heavy metal, Iron Maiden has sold
    more than 70 million albums worldwide.
    • Iron Maiden’s last album, The Book of Souls, was a global success
    and a Top Five chart hit in the UK, US, Germany and many other
    countries. This book gives insights into the making of this album, as
    well as all of those in their back catalogue.
    • The band has a massive global fan base and embarked on a massive
    global tour in 2016, taking in Europe, North America, South America,
    and Asia.
    • Iron Maiden has exclusive images of posters, tickets and rare
    photographs covering in the band’s 40-year reign.

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