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The Allied Invasion of Normandy
In the early hours of Tuesday, 6th June 1944, three divisions of paratrooper and glider forces descended on Normandy. Already assembling offshore was the largest seaborne invasion fleet in the history of the world, ready to unleash over 130,000 troops against Hitler's Atlantic Wall. More than 7,000 aircraft filled the skies. D-Day - and the liberation of Europe - had begun. Facing them were massive concrete strongpoints bristling with Nazi artillery, machine gun nests and pill boxes, untold miles of barbed wire, vast minefields and underwater obstructions designed to rip fragile landing craft apart. For the troops heading into the beaches and the paratroopers fighting to survive just a few miles inland, it would truly be `The Longest Day.' Featuring an exceptional selection of historic photographs as well as detailed battle maps, D-DAY provides a gripping account of the airborne actions and the beach assaults as well as revealing the top secret war fought by the Allies in the build up to the invasion.
Mike Lepine is a Sunday Times No1 best-selling author. He has written some thirty-five books and has been published throughout the world from America to Finland, and from France to Japan. He has also worked extensively in television in programming as diverse as the arts, consumer rights and comedy. For many years the Editor of the Aviation & Military Video Club, Mike was instrumental with DD Home Entertainment in bringing much rare archival film footage to the public for the very first time.
* 75th Anniversary of D Day is June 6 2019. * The Normandy Landings was the largest naval air and land operation in history and most well known battle in WWII. * The landing beaches Utah Omaha Gold Juno and Sword are famous throughout the world. * The film The Longest Day 1962 depicted the landings and was a worldwide hit movie. * D Day has been made even more well known by the Hollywood blockbuster film and TV show; Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers.
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