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Women's Development Workbook (Australian Edition) 5ed
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Springboard helps you do what you want to do in your life and work. It gives you the ideas and skills to take more control of your life and then gives you the boost in self-confidence to start making things happen.  Springboard is for all women at work. Whether you are in full time or part time employment, considering employment, wanting to return to work, just starting out, or approaching retirement - Springboard helps you to be the best you can be!  It is packed with ideas, exercises and examples that you can either work through on your own, or with two or three others or as part of the Springboard Development Programme. It is down-to-earth, practical and full of positive thinking and good humour, with the points illustrated with cartoons and real case studies. This new edition is fully revised and updated.  Women who have used Springboard report exciting changes in their lives, including significant promotions, sorting out difficult relationships, getting healthy, being taken seriously, speaking out and generally feeling more self confidence.  
 ''Springboard was an invigourating experience, which boosted my confidence. I have made new friends and contacts, learnt new skills and have learnt a lot about myself, definitely worth doing.'' - Beverly Hodis, Executive Secretary, Royal Mail  ''Springboard was a turning point for me. It opened my eyes to my potential.'' - Katie Whichelow, Campaign Manager, Opportunity Now  ''A comprehensive women's development programme.'' - The Guardian  ''Springboard lifted my confidence, showed me I could achieve things I had only wishes for before and made me feel good about life!'' - Helena Terry, Administrator, Nottinghamshire Police  ''Springboard is like having a new window cut in an existing wall - you see everything in a different light and reassess the significance of things.'' - Participant, University of Cambridge  ''Springboard is a wonderfully effective way of improving the lives of women, especially those in scientific and technical fields where women are still under-represented at the top.'' - Laura James, The Hand and Gender Agenda  ''What is particularly impressive is that everyone on the course has reported personal progress. They are more assertive, more confident and more committed.'' - Tarmac Plc  ''Inspir-actical' is how I would describe Springboard. It inspires women to decide what they most want to achieve and then, very practically, helps them do it. It's fun and involving.'' - Valerie Hammond, Chair, Roffey Park Management Institute
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