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Montgomery: Friends Within, Foes Without

Relationships In and Around 21st Army Group
  • ISBN-13: 9781912690534
  • Publisher: UNICORN PRESS
    Imprint: UNICORN PRESS
  • Author: Pill, Malcolm
  • Price: AUD $57.99
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  • Local release date: 01/06/2020
  • Format: Hardback (234mm X 156mm) 256 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: Military history [HBW]
In this new study of personal relationships within the British (including Canadian) Command in 21st Army Group during the campaign in North-West Europe in 1944-1945, Malcolm Pill considers the scope and depth of these relationships, ranging from those of the Secretary of State for War to the Corps Commanders. Montgomery is central. His great success in the management of his own multinational team is contrasted with the hostility created and lack of success achieved with those outside his team. Pill explores the importance of his great skill with the written word. The relevance of these personal relationships to the success of Britain's last major campaign as a great power is assessed as are the post-war consequences for those involved.
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