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Born in the Cronx

  • ISBN-13: 9781912690565
  • Publisher: UNICORN PRESS
    Imprint: UNICORN PRESS
  • Author: DJ Dek One
  • Price: AUD 57.99
  • Stock: 0 in stock
  • Availability: Book will be despatched upon release.
  • Local release date: 01/04/2020
  • Format: Paperback (195mm X 270mm) 320 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: The arts [A]Graffiti & street art [AFJG]
'I have a love for Croydon, it really is the Cronx! It's exiting! Gnarley. I was in a crew called Tuff Stuff , based there, so I hung out there a lot.' DJ Dek One continues, 'I met Kevin from the Rise Gallery one day at an exhibition, and he said he was interested to meet old writers from the Croydon graffiti scene, but no one would talk to him as he was a bit posh.' So I said, 'they'll talk to me.' Th e next thing you know, I met the 'All City' shop crew, who were amazing and very passionate, and after tip offs we were climbing into warehouses and networking with oldschool writers (graffiti artists) and contacts with photos.' Three years later, the culmination of their epic journey is Born in the Cronx, a unique archive of the Croydon graffiti scene, where a lot of the extraordinary artworks, and even some of the buildings, are now gone forever.
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