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Travelling the Outback 2/e

The complete guide to planning and preparing your outback adventure
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Now you can travel the great Australian outback in complete confidence! Since its first publication in 1999, Travelling the Outback has become a must for any traveller venturing into our vast inland. Written from decades of first-hand experience by leading tour operator and outback guide Vic Widman, the book takes the reader step-by-step through the planning and preparation involved in making their outback travels not only enjoyable but as hassle-free and safe as possible. From choosing a destination and route, gathering the necessary information on getting the most out of the trip, to preparing the vehicle and selecting the most appropriate equipment, Travelling the Outback supplies the best advice and information available. Now thoroughly updated to include all the new 4WD developments, the guide also includes comprehensive resource and reference sections.

Vic started travelling the Outback back in 1978 and since then its fair to say hes driven almost every outback road and track in Australia.Vics company, formed in 1990, Great Divide Tours, has been the leading four-wheel drive touring company ever since. Vic is responsible for training in excess of 20,000 people in the art of four-wheel driving.

Classic Outback Tracks is a distillation of over 30 years of outback travel by, what Vic affectionately calls it, a city bloke who loves the outback.


The Outback Travel Dream


  1. Planning Your Trip
  2. Preparing the Vehicle
  3. Of-Road Camper Trailers and Off-Road Caravans
  4. Communications Equipment
  5. Camping Gear
  6. Food and Water
  7. Personal Needs
  8. Campsite Selection and Tips
  9. Outback Driving Tips
  10. 10 Suggested Itineraries
  11. Your Outback Packing List
  12. References and Resources
  • The complete guide to planning and preparing for your outback adventure
  • Covers: Vehicle preparation - Trip planning essentials - Radio and camping gear advice
  • Travel the great Australian outback in complete confidence

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