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Becoming a Good People Manager

How to recruit great staff, win the trust of your employees and developyour leadership qualities
  • ISBN-13: 9781922131386
  • Publisher: WOODSLANE PRESS
  • Author: Flanagan, Neil & Finger, Jarvis
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  • Local release date: 05/11/2013
  • Format: Paperback (210.00mm X 140.00mm) 196 pages Weight: 180g
  • Categories: Management: leadership & motivation [KJMB]
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Written by bestselling authors Neil Flanagan and Jarvis Finger, Becoming a Good People Manager provides expert advice about the skills of good people management. Topics include how to recruit and retain excellent staff, how to manage diversity in the workplace, and how to mentor employees and build trust.  Topics such as team-building and developing leadership qualities are presented in a clear, step-by-step fashion, with cross-references to help readers navigate between different topics. Ideal for senior managers, supervisors, first-time or frontline managers, this unique format is easy to read and refreshingly free of management jargon.  Becoming a Good People Manager is part of Australian Business Essentials, a unique series of pocket business guides written specifically for Australian businesses and organisations.

Neil Flanagan, BA, B Ed St, M Ed Admin, PhD, is a highly regarded management strategist, motivational speaker and bestselling author. His drive-time radio program was syndicated nationally, and he continues to contribute articles to media in Australia. Jarvis Finger, BA, B Ed, M Ed Admin, FACEL, FQIEA, AFAIM, is a well-known author and editor. A former executive manager in one of Australia’s largest public organisations, he is author of a range of management books and regular magazine contributor.

  • Chapter One: Recruiting Excellent People;
  • Chapter Two: Managing Ethics, Diversity and Equal Employment;
  • Chapter Three: Mentoring Employees and Building Trust;
  • Chapter Four: Building a Strong and Creative Team;
  • Chapter Five: Developing Your Leadership Qualities

Discover how to:

  • Recruit (and retain) excellent staff
  • Manage ethics and diversity in the workplace
  • Become a manager that employees like and trust
  • Build a strong team and have fun in your role as manager

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