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A Bedtime Story


Ginnie & Pinney are excited. They’ve invited Dodo to his first sleepover. But Dodo won’t share or help. Is Dodo being a bad guest or is there a reason for his behaviour? When Dodo finally tells his friends the truth, they agree to share with Dodo. But has Dodo really learnt to share with them? 

Penny Harris is a multi-national and international award-winning animator, author and multi-media developer. She has worked with the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, Film Victoria as well as a number of Australian universities and institutions.

Winnie Zhou has a Masters of Multimedia Design from Monash University and is a talented illustrator and multimedia developer. Winnie lives in Melbourne and has worked closely with Penny to develop the series.


* An engaging and award-winning series comprising an 8-book set, free animated videos accessible by QR Code.
* Developed by an award-winning writer and animator, in consultation with Australian experts in education, linguistics and psychology.
* Trialled in schools.Designed to stimulate lively discussion & deep thinking about social and emotional themes suitable for all levels of readiness.
* Awarded as a HundrED 2019 innovator.
* Selected from across 39 countries by HundrED’s international panel of educators, academics and young people as one in 100 innovative educational programs. 
* Based on learning outcomes from Australian Government Frameworks aligning with Social and Emotional Learning (are relevant across the globe).
* Developed to support the Australian Curriculum and  Early Years Learning Frameworks.  

* An extensive national and online marketing campaign.

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