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On your Own Two Feet 2/e

Steady steps to women's financial independence

Second edition - working with women and their their financial needs for over 10 years, Helen is uniquely placed to advise, with emotional awareness, how ages, stages and life events and experiences in womens lives influence money matters. There is no better time to be a woman. The #metoo and the #futureisfemale movements are indicative of how women are becoming empowered, however, women still face issues such as gender pay gap, retirement gap, women over 50 are the new homeless, the sandwich generation and have a fear of seeking advice.  This second edition full of direction about protecting yourself with the right foundations, what to do at different ages and stages of life, combined with what to do when good or bad life events hit you, can enable women to get on and stay on, their own two feet.  Written by a licensed, qualified, pracitcing, female financial adviser, you can learn that you do have the power to make wise decisions about your financial future and avoid mistakes.  We often dont know, what we dont know, so here is how you can find out, in a nice easy read, non jargon, guide.

Helen Baker is an Australian licensed financial adviser and founder of On Your Own Two Feet, an Australia-wide service dedicated to empowering women to gain and retain their financial freedom. Helen has two Masters’ degrees, in Innovation and Change Management, and Financial Planning, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree. Before pursuing financial planning, Helen enjoyed eye-opening years in the entertainment industry putting her financial and project management nous to work as part of ie:music, working with well-known performers including Robbie Williams and Sia. She also managed a range of projects including a global acquisition for Reckitt and Colman in Europe, and helped businesses restructure and guided inventors to commercialise their products. Coming from a background that was loaded with love but not money, Helen taught herself to be dollar-wise. A life-long learner, she sought to become thoroughly educated and knowledgeable about money matters, and then wanted to share that with other women: a career-changing move for Helen and life-changing for some of her clients as well as the charities her work supports. Helen’s first book, On Your Own Two Feet: Steady Steps to Women’s Financial Independence was published in 2014 and her second book, On Your Own Two Feet, Divorce: Your Survive and Thrive Financial Guide was published in 2018.

* Life events and preparing for them or knowing what to do when they happen are key to financial success and peace of mind/avoiding stress.
* People dont know what they dont know - avoiding mistakes is key.
* To our knowledge, Helen is the only licensed financial adviser in this space in Australia, others are not licensed/qualified.
* This is like a DIY kit to understand why you need advice, or how to do it yourself, your choice where to from here.
* Great financial success comes from understanding the devil is in the detail.
* We live in a time where it has never been a better time to be a woman i.e. #metoo #thefutureisfemale, women need this information.
* We have gender pay gap, the retirement gap, and women late 50s+ as the new homeless, so we need to get the information out there.
* It is multi-generational - it helps you get started when young, helps Mum, helps Grandma, helps anyone who is making decisions about their financial future.
* Women are wired for financial security, heres to get it and get peace of mind at the same time.
* This is the second edition - so it has much more substance and issues of today, that have evolved over the last 6 years and prior.
* Im told readers find it very easy to read and digest, they feel like its Helen talking to them.
* You can read it in snippets or all in one day. So if you are on the bus/train/before you go to bed, you can read a piece and digest that.  You dont have to read it back to back - its not a novel.




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