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The Enigma Diaries

Tangled Time
An Inspector Bonaparte Mystery # 20 featuring Bony, the first Aboriginal detective. Detective-Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte is on leave, staying with an old friend near Adelaide. Ben Wickham, a meteorologist whose uncannily accurate weather forecasts had helped farmers all over Australia, lived nearby. Ben died after a three-week drinking binge and a doctor certified death as due to delirium tremens – but Bony’s host insists that whatever Ben died of it was alcohol…
Lynda Calder has always liked to write; from Kindergarten to the HSC, creative writing was second only in popularity to Maths (and, maybe Science). A mother of two teenage boys, former Electrical Engineer, Physics/Maths teacher and now, professional volunteer, she has woven her experiences and expertise into novels that plays with time travel in The Enigma Diaries series. NSW, Australia.
* Third book in an exciting, action packed science-fiction adventure series that will appeal to readers with a love of paradoxes. * Great fast-paced plot and snappy dialogue, without too much "angsty and emotional stuff” which put the author off reading in her childhood. * Strong heroine and supporting characters, so will appeal to different genders and ages.

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