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The Lake Frome Monster

An Inspector Bonaparte Mystery # 29 featuring Bony, the first Aboriginal detective. When Eric Maidstone was found dead near Bore Ten, just west of the Dingo-proof Fence, the first thought of those who discovered his body was that he might have been attacked by the rogue camel known as The Lake Frome Monster. But camels don’t carry guns… and Maidstone had a bullet-hole in his chest which put the Monster in the clear. So who killed young Maidstone? Bony, disguised as a worker on the Fence, intends to find out…There are sand storms galore, there are mad camels, there is personal and professional deprivation, there are rabbits by the millions. In this typical Upfield country, there is the boredom of loneliness, there is the sheer weight of the Australian outback; it is vintage Upfield. Ray Browne, The Spirit of Australia.
* Long out of print classic crime novel. * Reviews and co-operation with audio publisher Bolinda.
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