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Life Upside Down

Australia's Grey-headed Flying-foxes

Few of nature’s animals are as misunderstood as bats. Dive into the upside down world of Australia’s Grey-headed Flying-fox and discover more about its habitat, body structure and behaviours, while also learning about practical ways you can help protect this amazing species. Each spread captures a new side of this curious creature, brought to life with breathtaking photography and fascinating facts.

Doug Gimesy is an international award-winning conservation and wildlife photographer and associate fellow of the International League ofConservation Photographers. Doug’s images have been showcased in publications such as National Geographic, Australian Geographic, BBC Wildlife and The New York Times. Initially trained as a zoologist, Doug also holds a Diploma of Education, a Masters of Environment and a Masters of Bioethics. Heather Kiley is an award-winning media graphic artist and passionate conservationist. She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science, and Honours degree focusing on Conservation Psychology, and a post-graduate qualifi cation in Antarctic Studies.

* Explore the upside down world of Australias Grey-Head Flying Fox. * Learn about their habitat, behaviours and how to protect the species. * Beautiful photography intricately captures the lifestyle of these curious creatures. * Advertising on Australian Geographic print and digital platforms.

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