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Australia's Natural Habitats Animal Sticker Book


Create your own incredible scenes using reusable stickers of some of the deadliest creatures in Australia. We’ve got the world’s most venomous snake; the deadliest jellyfish, spider and octopus; the biggest crocodile; and all of the shark species known to have attacked and killed people. The best way to co-exist with these animals is to know where they live, how they act, and how to perform first aid if they attack. So jump into Australia’s Most Deadly and explore the lives of our killer creatures.

* Reusable stickers. * Match the animals on the sticker pages to their homes in the rainforest or the desert and learn about which animals live in which parts of Australia, from under the sand to the tops of the trees! Publicity: * Promotion on AG website. * Advertising in AG journal.

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