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Corporate Innervation

Unlocking the genius inside your organisation
Corporate Innervation will make you think differently and expansively about innovation inside your organisation. The ideas for innovation, improvement and growth are sitting inside your organisation today, you just need to know how to create the space for the people inside your organisation to let you know what they need. The game-changers will not always be in the form bleeding technology, but rather in the form of creating the changes inside your organisation. Corporate Innervation will show you how to think differently and expansively about innovation to show you how to find the ideas that will create real benefits for your organisation. Innovation is the buzz word and ambitious vision that we see almost 90% of Corporate businesses aspire towards, but with less than 5% claiming a functional and scalable process inside their organisation. This book debunks the myths of innovation and gives you the tools to create an innovation team that delivers real value for your organisation. True innovation comes back to looking at a problem from the perspective of the user. Creating growth and change comes from empowering people inside the organisation to embrace the problems, understand them and look for new ways to create solutions for these problems. This book challenges what corporate innovation means and shows you how to create structures and processes inside your organisation that will create value, growth and a culture of innovation that will future proof your business.
Ally Muller is rethinking innovation. Business owner, advisor, speaker, board member and enthusiastic researcher, known for providing commentary and advice on corporate innovation to ensure you are achieving results that will remove the theatre of innovation inside your organisation and deliver real bottom value. Utilising her own experience in previous and current start-ups, Ally has removed the hype and translated the process to create a successful start-up into a framework to unlock the ideas and genius inside an organisation. Ally is an entrepreneurial professional with 20 years strategy and management experience in corporate finance, infrastructure and technology-based companies, specialising in enterprise innovation strategy, business advisory, merger and acquisitions and board advisory.
* This book will take you through the highs and lows of innovation and leave you with the ideas, processes and motivation to focus on making innovation work for your organisation. * Packed full of tips, how to’s and practical examples of how you can create genuine innovation in your organisation. * This book is written for every organisation and executive team that wants to create value, growth and a culture of innovation that will add real value to the bottom line. * Innovation leaders, executives and organisations that are keen to remove the hype and theatre of innovation, that is nothing more than jargon and empty words in a strategy document, will find this book to be a valuable guide to show them how to build the tools, framework and teams inside their organisation and embed a culture of real innovation. * There are several elements to the marketing and publicity around the launch and ongoing promotion of “Corporate Innvervation” * Engaging a book PR specialist to target both industry and general print publications, television and radio opportunities. * Direct targeting of relevant podcast shows with high audience numbers to promote the concepts developed and written about in the book. * Engagement with Andrew Griffiths, well known international bestselling business author and book writing coach to develop a leveraging strategy to create marketing partnerships and publicity opportunities through both the entrepreneurial and the corporate communities. * An Australian tour targeting the corporate community with events being planned for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
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