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Breaking the Gender Code

How to use what you already have to get what you actually want

Do you feel as though you are constantly ‘on’ and you want to find a way to switch off?  Do you project as though everything is under control from the outside but on the inside you are barely keeping your head above water?  That each day is a constant juggle of competing priorities?
Rather than juggling the two worlds of career and life, what if you could create a third alternative, your own, new evolved world: one that works for you rather than against you?
Breaking the Gender Code not only unpacks why we feel the constant pressure to keep all of the balls in the air but also where it all came from. It looks at how the cultural myths created and reinforced over millennia underpin our expectations today and aren’t serving us.
Over two years Danielle interviewed over 50 women (and a few men) in leadership roles – including the C-suite (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs), senior VPs, partners, directors, senior executives – who are also parents. The majority of the women work for large corporates including Westpac, CBA, HSBC, Macquarie, Caltex, Toyota, EY, Woolworths, Atlassian, SAP, Medibank and other well-known Australian international organisations.
What she unravels is that we are all operating under the Gender Code. It is a code embedded into our culture throughout history, perpetuated in philosophy, enlightenment science and patriarchal capitalism. The code dictates the rules of belonging based on gender and determines how we think, how we feel, what is acceptable and whats not. Its sometimes obvious, but mostly its insidious, lurking in families, workplaces and communities.
This book puts the Gender Code under the microscope and scrutinizes the equation of productivity + business = worthiness. In the process it dismantles outdated motherhood, superwoman and the having it all myths.
The Gender Code is driving high personal expectations, unconsciously holding women back and limiting potential.
This book challenges the reader to question, understand, ask, reorient, and create.
While it is a crucial first step to be aware of the Gender Code, it is also necessary to question, interpret and understand how it unintentionally scaffolds a personal code. Breaking the Gender Code helps women to ask if their code makes sense anymore and from there, decide if they want to value and keep the code that they have, delete parts that they dont want any more and/or create new code, one they actually want.
Breaking the Gender Code provides women with tools and strategies to create their own solutions for their unique context. In the process, they can let go of what is no longer helpful, use what they already have, bring that to everything they do and live life on their own terms. In doing so you can relieve the pressure, dial down the guilt and if it is a goal, progress to leadership, executive and board roles confidently and on your own terms.
Breaking the Gender Code encourages executive women to realise that their contribution is highly valuable in all their roles and that the skills and capabilities strengthened by being a parent and caring for others is a powerful adaptive leadership and career asset – not a liability as commonly believed.
In breaking the Gender Code that’s within us, every one of us can build confidence in who we truly are and write our own code. And in writing your own code, you create an environment for the next generation of code breakers.

As a former CPA with extensive corporate experience, Danielle lived and worked for 14 years in four countries and covered everything from private practice to multinationals. Identifying the high levels of stress and overwhelm experienced personally and by the women in executive and leadership roles, Danielle wanted to make a difference. She pivoted from a corporate career and has been serving clients initially as a personal trainer then Wellness Coach and then Executive Coach for the past 7 years.

As a parent of three, Speaker, Author, Strategist and Mentor, Danielle’s curiosity and desire to drill down to the core of our daily challenges and make meaning out of them drove her to conduct a two-year research project, The Wonders of Women Leaders.
Danielle’s qualifications include:
• Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting, awarded CPA status
• Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) Accreditation
• Leading Well Systemic Coaching Certification
• Qualified Executive Wellness Coach (Level I, II & III Wellness Coaching Aust.)
• Wellness Wise Practitioner (WWP) Workplace Health Association of Australia (WHAA)
• Three Principles Facilitator Training
• Certificate III & IV Personal Training (AIPT)
• Wholeheartedly raising three boys as a Lead Parent

Kerry is a best-selling author, psychologist and trauma prevention strategist. She has worked with 1000+ clients to improve their sense of self and find joy in life. In 1998 Kerry was hit by a bus, suffered PTSD and was in therapy for a year. That process changed her life! Kerry thought the bus was her big problem, but the bus just gave rise to all of the other times in her life where she had made a mistake or felt rejected. She learned that recovery isn’t always about the ‘here and now’ – in fact, it never is.

The bus accident happened 12 months into her part-time studies in psychology. Kerry studied for 15 years to complete her studies and internship, allowing her to become a psychologist. She did this whilst working full-time in an executive role and raising two children as a sole parent.

* We all know there’s a significant gender bias in business, the workforce, legal system and family life that lead to life-long inequality. Breaking the Gender Code pulls back the layers and offers a way for women to create their own code and be role models for future generations.
* Breaking the Gender Code explores the pressures, problems and perspectives of women who are leading at work and leading as a parent. It explores how becoming and being a parent influences women’s leadership style and how being a leader at work has influenced their parenting approach. Rather than focusing on what was different and separate, it focuses on what is working well and can be leveraged across all our roles.
* With no preconceptions about what high-performing women should be doing (and Danielle is one herself), through her research she started to realise that we have been buying into externally created myths that are highly questionable in our world today! So she set out to find the people who had have the lived experience, ideas and different approaches to breaking the Gender Code.
* Danielle has interviewed over 50 executive women who are in the thick of it all and making it work as we speak as well as strong, supportive men in similar situations.
* This book is unique as it not only finds answers to why women feel the pressure to constantly juggle, perform and take care of everyone around them but it also provides the opportunity for women to give themselves permission to understand that it is okay to be exactly where they are right now. But they don’t have to stay there.
* Breaking the Gender Code is not a ‘How to’ but a guide for women to move away from the either/or approach of work and life and move towards a third alternative, a new world which looks exactly how they want it to look and feel. A world that works for them rather than against them.
* Social media – LinkedIn posts and articles and Facebook posts.
* Business website – blog posts and promotions and marketing via
* Online publications – Women’s Agenda, Future Women, The Atlantic, SMH, HBR.
* Print/online publications – AFR Boss magazine, In the Black CPA magazine.
* Other media – ABC radio, local ABC, Sunrise program, Q&A program, Today Show.
* Podcast guesting – local and international podcasts.
* Women’s networking and support groups – CBA Women in Focus, Westpac Ruby, Chief Executive Women, Toyota Women, Shire Women, National Foundation for Australian Women, Women on Boards, Women Leadership Australia, 30% Club, Femeconomy, Atlassian women’s network, Code Like a Girl.
* Speaking – keynotes and presentations – International Women’s Day event organizers and planners for 2020, Industry associations, speaker bureaus, Global Women’s Forum, The Non Profit Alliance, F Factor (women in tech group).
* Trade Associations and networks – CPA Australia, CA Australia and NZ, Australian Institute of Training and Development, Australian Institute of Company Directors, Australian HR Institute, Diversity Council Australia, The Australian Property Institute.
* Business groups – The Illawarra Business Chamber, Illawarra Women in Business, Business Chicks.
* Corporations – EY, PwC, KPMG, Deloitte.
* People interviewed – 52 plus -  in corporates, businesses, educational institutions .
* Book launch in mid-May.

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