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A practical guide to changing your career
Have you ever experienced moments during your working life where you thought, "Surely, there has to be something better than this…"? The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to re-evaluate their priorities, to think “Where to next?” and to figure out how to create a life that they truly want for themselves and their loved ones. Your work can be enjoyable and work with – not against – your priorities in life. Work-a-holistic provides the knowledge and tools for you to change your career and to find more meaningful and satisfying work. Author Amalia Chilianis has more than 20 years in human resources leadership roles and in her book, she offers a holistic approach to making a career change. Based on positive psychology research, neuroscience and interviews with ordinary people who’ve shifted their careers to find greater satisfaction, this book provides practical advice about navigating the job market and demystifying the job-application process by breaking it down into achievable steps. Activities throughout the book will help you better understand your values, strengths and capabilities in order to determine the roles that are right for you and to articulate the value you will bring to your next opportunity. There are multiple paths to success and this book provides a pragmatic perspective that can be applied to a range of industries and professions. Don't waste any more time wondering, "What if there's something better?"! You can start now and achieve something more meaningful and satisfying, as well as learning valuable lessons along the way.
Amalia has more than 20 years’ experience in career and capability development working in and with large complex global and national organisations including PwC, IBM, GM Holden, Department of Transport, NAB and more. Consistently supporting and coaching individuals to plan for, create and secure satisfying work. She has proven success in large-scale closures including GM Holden where the programs she designed and led helped thousands of workers successfully secure gainful employment.
* Different from other books in this field with practical activities, research in psychology and neuroscience, lived experience and real-life relatable stories. * The book was inspired by the very successful GM Holden career change program that saw almost 90% of 3000 workers in gainful employment. Interviewing the MD, senior leaders and professionals, Amalia uncovered what truly made a difference in making a career change. * This book is for mid-career white collar professionals who are dissatisfied with their career, who are feeling stuck and languishing and seeking to make a change. Publicity: * Working with a respected Publicist with significant experience in this field a three month campaign is planned beginning in May, incorporating social media, newspaper, online articles, TV and radio as well as guest appearances on Podcasts. Amalia also has a strong network on LinkedIn.
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