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The Splits

How to help your kids navigate separation and divorce
Kids know stuff. Sometimes they know more stuff than we realise. They listen, they watch, they are sponges. When a family separates, the kids are involved whether they like it or not. But how much involvement is too much? And where do you draw the line between explaining what is going on and oversharing? The Splits is not just a book about the important conversations you need to have with your kids about separation but also the conversations that should be left out. The Splits is a guide for parents who care about how separation will affect their children and need help to navigate the necessary conversations with their kids about all aspects of separation, divorce and what happens if it goes to family court. This book will give parents the confidence to support their kids by learning about what conversations they should be having with them and what conversations should be left out.
Bron O’Loan is a family lawyer, a mum to three hungry, and often moody, teenagers, an avid writer and an ardent advocate of supporting domestic and family violence victims. Before entering law, Bron was a primary school teacher and wrote a Masters Degree course for teachers, was a lecturer at Charles Sturt University and had her own online retail store. In 2012 she commenced her journey into law and held fast to her view that empathy is the key and hugging clients is often required. She obtained a Masters in Family Law and founded O’Loan Family Law. Known for her ability to inspire, energise and collaborate, the lightbulb switched on for Bron to share those traits in her passion project, The Splits.
* This book solves the following problems for readers: a. What conversations to have with your kids about divorce, and what should be left out. b. What information your kids should have access to, to help them understand the process of separation and divorce. c. How the separation process and the court process work. d. How the future is going to be determined and what that might look like. e. What conversations your kids should and could have with their friends about divorce. f. How your kids might be feeling and how to empower them. g. What the wishes of your kids might be and how that might impact your separation. * This book is written for mums and dads, but also for grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers and any other people who have contact with kids whose families are going through separation and divorce. It is an easy to read, non-judgmental, sometimes humorous and always honest account of the ins and outs of separating with kids. * The book focuses on how to get through the Australian family court system when kids re involved 4. This book is an 'easy to read' guide for readers to dip in and out of as they need it. * This book is an educational resource for families. * This book accepts that an amicable separation is best for families, but it does not shy away from the fact that 'stuff happens' and families do sometimes find themselves in court. * This is a practical book that is written by an ex-teacher, mum, family lawyer and independent children's lawyer, who knows her stuff. Publicity: * Social media launch and in-person launch; * Write press release for local publications and relevant national publications; * Advertise on my website; * Advertise on social media; * Prepare a relevant ‘quiz’ that provides quiz takers with answers to their style of parenting during separation; * Create a micro website for the book; and * Podcast and speaking engagements.
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