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A Girl's Guide To Starting High School


A Girl’s Guide to Starting High School is a girls silent friend to get in the mindset, build confidence and resilience for a new stage in school life.

Written for girls in their last year of primary school (ages 10 - 12-year-old) this book is an essential tool to empower them to have the awareness and skills to be as confident as possible in starting this new adventure. In this book girls can discover more about:

  • Getting to know themselves better through identifying their character strengths and their values (whats important to them).
  • How to navigate tricky friendship situations.
  • Tools on building confidence and resilience.
  • Getting in a learning mindset for studying and exams.
  • Looking after themselves with information on food choices, exercise, screen time, social media and sleep.
  • Who to speak to when they need help with hints and tips on journaling.
  • Reflections and advice from older girls through letters to their younger selves and snippet quotes throughout the book.

These girls are going from big fish in a small pond to tiny fish in a very large lake so the more knowledge they have to support themselves the more mentally healthy they will be!

Chloe Blake’s purpose is to have positive impact and as a mum of 3 kids she readily applies her knowledge and experience to her parenting approach. As Covid hit, Chloe used the tools and techniques in this book to help her daughter start high school under unusual and untested circumstances. Chloe is a self-employed, qualified Coach, Consultant and Workshop Facilitator. She has worked with clients from all over the world to create work environments that are engaging, are where people want to come to work and where they love who they work with and for. Chloe is originally from Scotland, lived with her husband in New Zealand and now resides in beautiful Newcastle, Australia.

* There are no other books on the market that specifically focus on this important period of a young girl’s life. * It’s beautifully illustrated and in full colour which has a great deal of appeal to girls. * The issues in mental health of young girls today is unprecedented and this book will alleviate some of the issues that they face. * Wellbeing of girls being supported at this important age can have a positive impact for their teenage years and into adult life. * It is a workbook style book with reflective journaling opportunities. * It gives girls the tools to be independent and confident when starting at high school. * It alleviates concern for parents and family members to know that they are enabling the girls to be more supported. * It speaks to girls in a range of diverse communities as the focus groups completed for this book were from a diverse range of backgrounds. * There are letters of advice and reflections from older girls which is so important at this age. * Understanding different personalities and how to navigate different people is an important life skill. This book includes information and understanding in this. * Schools do not provide this type of support and guidance currently resulting in many girls lacking resilience and confidence when they start year 7. * Author has begun to approach schools to do speaking engagements and encourage them to incorporate the book into their teaching. * Author is setting up a new website around the book. * Social media. * There will be additional resources made available to support parents / carers and their daughters. * Parent and daughter workshops are being planned in order to assist with the girls in preparing for a shift in expectations and environment.

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