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Jack the Super Prawn lives in the Barrier Reef and uses his powers to protect the environ-ment. With JackVac, he cleans up rubbish and impurities in seawater. With JackCopter, he soars high into the air, where you wouldn’t normally see a prawn. Of course powers like that help Jack find and clear up waste plastic. But Jack’s main jobs are to entertain young readers, and to introduce new generations to the importance of caring about the ocean environment. In the first 2 illustrated story books, for readers 5 and older, he delivers a four part message: * Reduce * Reuse * Recycle * Find alternative to plastic Already Jack has some important allies, including ANSTO—one of Australia’s leading scientific authorities and science educators—which endorses his books and provides the scientific guidance to make them trustworthy. Drastic Plastic is the dramatic story of a little dolphin who gets tangled in plastic netting, and will die if help doesn’t arrive. In the second book, Pollution Solution, the friendly turtle Professor Poppy comes in the nick of time to show Jack and his mates how to handle a rubbishy deluge of storm water.
Antoine Jaja is the creator and author of the world's first children's book series following a super prawn ocean hero, who protects the ocean environment from plastic and other types of pollution -- "Jack the Super Prawn". The franchise consists of children's books, a mobile game, music and merchandise.
* Fun and engaging chidlren's story with important message about the environment, bright, eye-catching illustrations throughout, book series has support from ANSTO. * Bus advertising planned. * Abridged interactive PDF version to be released in April with accompanying Teaching Guide.
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