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    Fast Women

    Pioneering Australian Motorcyclists

    “There is nothing to compare with motor cycling and I’m sorry for those poor people who cannot indulge in it.  It is wonderfully exhilarating and it is impossible to describe the glorious sensation that one gets when travelling on a speedy machine. I’m glad I’ve got a motor cycle and I don’t think I’ll ever give it up” Miss Jane Queain- 1910

    • To stare across the expanse of a dry salt lake with an unseeable finish line, the surface is as hard as concrete and as loose as marbles, and your goal – a land speed record! The machine you ride is known as “The Missile”. This Australian woman’s bravery, skill and determination will leave you spellbound!
    • Have you dreamt of hitting the open road ? The “Big Lap” perhaps ? In the height of summer 1950, a 21 year old woman set off alone on an unimaginable epic quest from one side of the country to the other and back with no G.P.S, no mobile phone, limited services and bitumen being a rare treat. You will be enchanted by her courageous spirit!

    The pursuit of your dreams always comes with the element of fear.  Breaking through this fear always comes with the element of courage.  Read the stories of these extraordinary Australian heroines who have broken the stereotypical mould and they will not only inspire you but will also leave you in awe of their courage and dedication in pursuit of their passion.

    Sally-Anne Fowles is an avid motorcyclist. For Sally-Anne this realization only came when she turned 37. She grew up on a 3000 acre farm in the Central West of New South Wales where the motorcycle was simply a work-horse. Never-the-less, this motorbike was the instigator of Sal’s love of two-wheels and 20 years later she finally gained her road licence and purchased her dream bike, a Harley Davidson Fat Boy.

    Sally-Anne, a qualified Horticulturalist, operates her own business in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, gardening during the week and motorbike riding on the weekends. She and her husband, Ian love their home in the picturesque Adelaide Hills with their two dogs Wyley (greyhound) and Jacky (Whippet) and adore the company of their two daughters and two granddaughters.

    • There has never been a book published within Australia on the subject of female motorcycle riders before.
    • The current surge in young women and girls participating in motorcycle race clubs is quite a phenomenon, with each of the 1,000 independent motorcycling groups across Australia including at least 15 registered female members.  
    • The book has received support from many reputable and household industry names, such as Harley Davidson Australia/New Zealand and Hog Magazine.

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