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Life, Love & Marriage

In the six years she’s been in public life Christine Forster has stepped out of the shadow of a famous brother and emerged as a local councillor with a national voice. This collection of previously published articles and key speeches from Christine Forster spans those years starting with her pre selection speech for the City of Sydney council in September 2012 up to her opinion pieces published in the Sydney Morning Herald. While the national same-sex marriage debate heated up in 2017, culminating in the postal plebiscite and the law legalising same-sex marriage being passed in Parliament, Christine has been an advocate for gay rights and same-sex marriage for many years. Her articles, with headlines such as, All you need is love and the law to let same-sex marriages happen, speak from experience and cover many years of her personal and professional exploration of love, marriage and civil rights. Christine’s passion for Sydney and its people is also expressed in this selection of pieces that address the issues and politicians she’s faced at a local government level. Christine’s belief that local government must respect and listen to its constituents to help the community thrive and propser shines in this collection that prove she is engaged and paying attention.
Christine Forster was elected to the City of Sydney Council in 2012 and since then has been a passionate advocate for ensuring the city cements its place on the global stage. At the same time she’s been a champion of the people, fighting for the things that make Sydney the world’s best place to live, work and visit. She believes local government should be transparent and accountable, listen carefully to its constituents and deliver good-value infrastructure and services to sustain prosperous communities. Christine was one of Australia’s highest-profile campaigners in the battle for marriage equality, taking the message to a national and international audience. Hers was a voice of reason, respect and compassion, lifted from the conservative side of politics in support of a reform which has made Australia a fairer place for everyone.
1. First book and collection of Christine Forster's top articles and speeches, she is a voice many want to hear on topics that are of high importance today in Australian society such as the environment and same-sex marriage. 2. High profile author in Sydney due to her council position and also nationally due to her brother, former prime minister Tony Abbott, and her role in the same-sex marriage debate. 3. Sydney Morning Herald readership.
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