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Day 9 at Wooreen

Day 9 at Wooreen paints a vivid picture of the Wooreen State School kidnapping of 1977. Written through the teacher’s eyes, this gripping tale gives insight into the trauma experienced by the victims, the timely heroism of logging truck driver Robin Smith, and the bravery and commitment of the Victorian Police Force. The state school kidnappings of the 1970s shocked Australia. They stand as two of Victoria’s most audacious and notorious crimes. The author celebrates the healing that is possible from such pain and torment, giving the reader renewed hope in a troubled world.
Following the kidnapping of 1977, Rob Hunter continued to work as a teacher with the Education Department of Victoria until February 2018. He is married to Judi and presently resides in rural Victoria. They have four adult sons. Rob is the founder and presenter of the seminar Kidnapped Teacher Talks - Health After Hurt. The seminar is based on the health that Rob experiences despite the trauma of his kidnapping.
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