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Things We Love

Things We Love features the charming stories and authentic recipes from outback Australians and those working in the agricultural industry. It speaks to a culture of cattlemen and women who take pride in working as a team, sharing food and celebrating the wealth and history of knowledge enmeshed in their own unique regions of Australia. This book richly captures the spirit of these pioneering men and women’s lives and those that work on the land today. Their love for the country and cattle can only be likened to a devotion they remain dedicated to. To see their cattle with fresh water and ‘belly deep’ feed is the cattlemen’s sweetest of dreams. Alongside them with utmost loyalty are their families, ringers, jillaroos, boreman, grader drivers, mechanics, horsemen and of course beloved station cooks. As the season rolls on, recipes are passed forward and shared among friends, family and all generations so all can come together to share and enjoy. These stories and recipes are shared in this remarkable book. Along with many photos from those that have made the Hancock and Kidman stations and farms their home.
Built on a long and special history of investing and risk taking in Australia, Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd (HPPL) is an independent, privately owned Australian company that has a proud history with the Pilbara and the iron ore sector, and is one of the longest continuous owners of cattle stations in Australia.
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