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Why Penguins Don't Get Cold

How Animals Adapt to their Surroundings
Why do animals of the desert have big ears and light-coloured coats? Penguins are surrounded by ice and snow, so why aren't they cold? Can animals live at the bottom of steep mountains? Of course they can! Nature has arranged for every creature to adapt as well as possible to its natural surroundings. Come with us on a journey through the natural world, as we travel to deep oceans, brightly coloured jungles and the peaks of great mountains, where you'll meet animals and plants that are truly thriving. And you'll learn how animals are able to adapt to give themselves the best possible life.

Pavla Hanáčková comes from a picturesque Moravian village in the Czech Republic that is surrounded by vineyards. She has been an avid reader since early childhood, and she has always longed to write. She is a graduate in English and Chinese from the Faculty of Arts of Palacký University, Olomouc. Fate has determined that she makes regular returns to her native tongue, as a literary editor of children’s books. A keen traveller, she draws inspiration wherever she goes, not least to feed another of her passions – food and everything associated with it.

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Why Penguins Dont Get Cold is an engaging non-fiction reader that will help make learning to read fun and interesting - Are you ready to discover the extraordinary ways that creatures can survive? - Readers will learn about the important concept of adaptation through detailed descriptions of great white sharks camouflage, giraffes extremely long tongue, and more -Beautiful, colour illustrations will engage readers as they learn all about how animals have come to survive in the wild. 

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