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Wildlife of Australia

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For first-time visitors here, Australia’s wildlife – from the platypus and the thorny devil to the cassowary and the koala – seems almost indescribably exotic. This is not only true for its plants and animals but also for its landscapes and environments. The unusual fauna, unusual environments, unusual climate, and the vast size of Australia – spanning tropical rainforest and savannah woodlands in the north, through deserts, beaches and gum forests to cool alpine meadows and snowy mountaintops in Tasmania – have all combined to create and incredible diversity of species, which mark Australia out as one of the world’s ‘megadiverse’ nations – those that occupy a total of less than 10 per cent of the world’s surface area, yet together hold more than three quarters of its species. Join Australian Geographic as we take you on a pictorial journey of our fascinating world of wildlife.

John Pickrell is an award-winning freelance journalist, the author of Flying Dinosaurs and Weird Dinosaurs and the former editor of Australian Geographic. He has worked in London, Washington DC and Sydney for publications including New Scientist, Science, Science News and Cosmos. John’s articles can also be found online and in print at National Geographic, Nature, Scientific American, Focus, BBC Future, The Guardian and Australia’s ABC. When John isn’t writing, he can sometimes be found on fossil digs in Australia, Argentina and Mongolia. He has been a finalist in the Australian Museum’s Eureka prizes three times, won an Earth Journalism Award and was previously featured in The Best Australian Science Writing in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2017. He is the editor of the The Best Australian Science Writing 2018.

Outback dwellers
Bush denizens
Among the trees
Aussie skies
Reptiles and amphibians
Coastal creatures

*Stunning wildlife photography including imagery from the Australian Geographic picture library

*Excellent gift for tourists/travellers/overseas friends

*Beautiful book to display on a coffee table

*Photography and descriptions of more than 70 native Australian animals

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